Maryland and Delaware Climate Change Education Assessment and Research

The Maryland and Delaware Climate Change Education, Assessment and Research (MADE-CLEAR) program is supported by a Phase II Climate Change Education Partnership (CCEP) grant awarded to the University System of Maryland (USM) by the National Science Foundation.

MADE-CLEAR is a natural outgrowth of Maryland and Delaware's shared regional climate change concerns and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education emphasis. Its primary goal is to build the partnerships among the states' research and teaching universities, public schools, federal agencies, and public and private sectors required to implement three targeted objectives:

  1. Innovations in interdisciplinary P-20 (preschool through graduate school) climate change education,
  2. New pathways for teacher education and professional development leading to expertise in climate change content and pedagogy, and
  3. Better communication of climate change science for public understanding, using innovative outreach strategies that employ new technologies and informal education mechanisms.

MADE-CLEAR is engaging climate scientists, science educators, students, and the broader community of interest in implementing a comprehensive climate change education plan in our region.